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Body art in Kissimmee.

Perfect gift or your wife or husband, for St. Valentine`s day or any occasion.



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Body Painting 4th of July Orlando,Kissimmee Marcela Bustamante Blazin Brush

Body Painting 4th of July Orlando,Kissimmee Marcela Bustamante Blazin Brush

Oriental Body Painting

Body Painting in Kissimmee.

Body art by Marcela Bustamante

body painting Kissimmee


Body painting Orlando


Body painting inspired in Pocahontas. Blazin Brush body art.


Body painting on a beautiful lady.


body art St Cloud

 We'll give you exactly what you're looking for with your event or occasion because we cater for all ages, tastes and enjoyment levels there are!  We find everyone wants to get involved when there's face painting or henna tattoos at a party.  It is something that is great for girls and boys as well as men and women!  When we're putting on a child's face, it draws a crowd and is entertaining in itself as a viewer as we transform your child with our creative skills.  We always use safe paints that are absolutely non-toxic and won't permanently stain either!  Our professional artists deliver skin graphics of high quality and have tremendous skill and creative flair.  The more extreme the request, the more we enjoy the task at hand and we ensure our audience enjoys the creative process too!We also offer balloon twisting fun at a great price and if you contact us, we'll tell you about our wide array of creative and artistic entertainment services, available in Orlando,Fl.

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